Businesses are dynamic and are often met with unexpected challenges. Whether you’re looking to expand, purchase new inventory or build your customer retention, working capital is the tool required to get that job done. At Fusion Capital, we provide business finance solutions tailored to your business needs along with the tools to raise your bottom line. After all, your success is directly related to our success, and as a direct lender, our interests are in line with yours. We truly want your business to succeed!

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The following is our 5-stage process to every client file.
1. Application

Every file begins with a simple application. Click on the "Apply Now" button or call us at 1.844.FUSION.5.

2. Pre-Approval

Once your application is received, a pre-approval offer is generated.

3. Underwriting

Your file then goes to underwriting, where multiple offers are presented for your business.

4. Acceptance

Upon acceptance, contracts are sent along with a request for additional documentation.

5. Funding

The final step is to fund your business. Our process allows for funds to be issued within 72 hours of submission.



Most can qualify


Qualify up to

72 Hours

Timely access to capital

100% Focus

Your success is our success